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>> >> we are tracking the storm tonight, the second of three expected to hit the bay area. a high wind advisory for the golden gate. and high winds are surely to be affecting the bay
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bridge as well. and is a flash -- there is it a flash flood watch. >> this storm is moving very slowly! and that's where all the flooding concern is coming from. >> yes. >> but there's a lot of moisture with it. when you see a lot of moisture, you see a lot of rain. and you better hope it moves through quick. >> yeah. >> as you look right now, we are seeing some heavier rainfall rates over the north bay are just as we expected at this hour. sagging down south now toward san francisco. spotty, moderate rain near santa rosa, windsor. san rafael seeing that heavier rainfall as well. san francisco, heavier rain approaching the golden gate now. but the rain has been lighter
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over san francisco this evening. most of the rain still well to the north of us. this system had a lot of moisture associated with it. a lot of rain already in the north bay. over 1 inch in santa rosa, mt. st. helena. we begin our storm coverage in san francisco with jeff bush who is along fol strum strom -- full som folsom street. >> reporter: the neighbors have taken the precaution of putting out sandbags in front of their doors and garages. the sandbags were stacked up neatly to
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prevent any water come come from coming -- from coming in. several stores and homes were flooded with surge in april from the nearby pipe that failed. more than once in the past you can see that it was a real mess to clean up. and i was out here the time that it happened before in 2009! surge and water flooded the garages and other spaces below the street level. back out here live, the rain has just started to fall again. residents are hoping their precautions will benefit and they won't have the flooding they had before. caltrans has eyes all over the bay area covering the storm. the roadways are being monitored 24/7. more than 300 cameras are situated throughout all nine bay
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area counties. and they gave cal transand the highway patrol a -- caltrans and the highway patrol a real-time view. >> if we have a downed tree, we know to send a crew. if we have a downed power line, we notify pg& e. >> the situation dictates which crews are sent where. a number of pumps and drains were cleared of debris during the day today. but he says there is no telling what will happen when this latest storm touches down. the north bay will get hit the hardest by the storm. this is time-lapse video of the rain late this afternoon.
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charles clifford was there all day today. >> reporter: i'm standing along seminary drive in southern marin. it's been a very wet thursday evening here! throughout the day, gray skies but not too much rain until 4:30 this afternoon. the break-in the weather gave residents an opportunity to dry out and get ready for the rain expected this weekend. they were putting out sandbags to keep water out of homes and businesses. in san rafael, and works crews all over the county clears ditches and brush for the rain expected. this afternoon things became treacherous on the roads for drivers just after dark. where i'm standing there's a christmas tree lot that has been flooded
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in between the low-lying area in the past. tonight they say they're ready if the flood waters come back. >> if my trees aren't tied down, they're all going to be on the down or floating with the tide. >> reporter: here in marin county, charles clifford, kron4 news. a 13-year-old girl is recovering tonight after she was allegedly gang-raped by a 2003-year-old man and two teen boys. the crime happened in mountain view. reggie kumar tells us police worked all night to track town the suspects and arrest them. >> reporter: mountain view police say the 13-year-old girl knew her attackers. they say the victim and the suspects, mario pento of sunnyvale and two other boys had been drinking at castro park or the school.
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sean thompson received the call about the assault just before 10:00. >> drinking, we believe at the park. but i don't know exactly where. in any case, alcohol was involved. sometime during, that she was sexually assaulted. at this point, i can only say that two witnesses found her somewhere within the park or school intoxicated. and at this point i believe it was the two people that found her called the police. >> reporter: residents in this quiet neighborhood are stunned. they say the area is safe. >> it's kind of scary. i walk around here all the time. >> reporter: all three suspects face sexual assault charges. reggie kumar, kron4 news. a historic vote for the middle east! why it puts the united nations and the united states at odds. later in this broadcast, alex smith shows you how frustrated he is, and the
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a missing 16-year-old girl from oakland has been found tonight in san francisco. she walked away from a group home on coolidge avenue in oakland yesterday. police say she has a diminished mental capacity, that of a 9-12-year-old. police are interviewing her to try to find out exactly what happened. the united nations has granted palestine the status of a nonmember observer state. and palestinians were celebrating today. 138 nations approved the action which acknowledges palestinian statehood. israel and the united states have been fighting the decision and are
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now trying to play if down. it will not immediately change the lives of palestinians since the area in question is firmly under israeli control. heavy rain is already pushing into the bay area now. and we're going to see even more tomorrow morning!
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the rain has been ongoing in the north bay all through the evening, and it continuous it's this hour -- continues at this hour. some of that rain sagging south of the golden gate. and is it will continue to do so yes or no. this system is quite large. the tail end of it extending down the west coast. right now it's just if i feltering that rain into -- filtering that rain through northern california. most the heavy rain still concentrated to the north. 4:00 tomorrow morning, here comes the cold front! and heavy rain falling over oakland and fran with moderate rain still over -- and san francisco with moderate rain still over the north bay and the peninsula as well.
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heavy rain sliding into hayward, livermore, san mateo. a few residual showers behind that main band, but things will greatly improve into the afternoon. some popup showers over the east bay into the evening. then later in the nighttime we'll start to see some clearing. here's what we're expecting in terms of wind. very wind, wind gufrts in the 20 might recall -- gusts in the 20-mile an hour range, 30-mile an hour range, and more for the higher elevations. into the afternoon, winds will die down in the north bay first and then down for the rest of the bay area. rainfall totals very impressive with this system. there is a flash flood in effect for the north bay! over 1 inch
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of rain in santa rosa. and we're going to add to that nor so in the afternoon -- more so in the afternoon and evening hours. the storm is going to move through there a lot quicker. 7,000 feet tomorrow, eight unch was snow. a -- inches of snow. a rain/snow mix expected for sunday. your extended forecast, the first in a series of system moved in yesterday. another one out there tomorrow, and even more rain saturday and sunday. a little break tomorrow evening. the rain on saturday is expected to be lighter. and then a blast of rain comes through sunday.
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and monday is expected to be dry. a water main break caused a landslides here. area residents are keeping a close eye on the rainfall hoping what's left of this hill will hold. right now they seem optimistic. >> i think it's going to be okay. >> contractors hired have had to stop reconstruction of the hillside to gear up for the most recent downpour. once the rains stop, they will go back into construction. last year the hillsides you see here simply gave away and pushed a number of homes off their foundations. residents
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were forced to october and abandon their homes. the homeowners' association has put a system in place. >> it's not going to stop the slides. we're aware of it. however, it might #2i7 us off to the -- tip us off to the magnitude of the. >> two properties diagrammeded last year are slated -- damaged last year are slated for demolition. the future of same-sex marriage in california could be decided as early as tomorrow. the u.s. supreme court is scheduled to meet and decide whether or not to review proposition 8. the voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage. lower courts have already ruled that that ban is unconstitutional. tonight, kron4's dan kerman looks at the options before the high court and what they mean for
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californians. >> if the u.s. supreme court refuses to review the case, you can expect a lot more ceremony like this. >> if they deny review, that'll be the end for the california, why. in other words, same-sex marriage will be lawful. >> marriages would be able to begin once the 9th circuit issues a mandate. the 9th circuit is expected to issue that mandate quickly, possibly within a week. but uc hastings law professor rory little says he's hopeful the supreme court will review this case. >> it'd be great if they denied it and same-sex marriage went forward two weeks from now. but the national question, should the constitution permit the banning of same-sex marriage, there's a lot of disuniformity. the supreme court's job is to settle that! so i think the right result is to grant review
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in the prop 8-case and use it as a vehicle to settle the law more nationally. >> reporter: if that happens, briefs will be filed, and the case will be argued early next year with the decision likely by june of next year. >> reporter: in addition to deciding whether or not to review prop 8, the u.s. protestor will also decide whether or not to review the federal defense was marriage act. it's possible they could decide to review one or the other or both or neither. dan kerman, kron4. in sports one of the nfl's greatest streaks comes to an end tonight.
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good evening, everybody! warriors in denver, the longest 3 seconds in history! right to the finish, national television, oracle arena, warriors up 3. 3 seconds left, and no! they foul iguodala behind the line! 2-3 he makes! warriors cannot believe the call! they said he was stationary. now warriors still up 1. out of bounds play. it could have been either way tgoes to denver! -- it goes to denver! iguodala to win the game. it appears at first glance, yes, denver has won.
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long delay, they look at replay, carl and jackson, he didn't get it off now. look for the red to go! red just barely came on before the ball left his hands! iguodala, bob myers the gm, bob jackson the coach, they win tonight! 1 point over denver. and that old line about the nba, can you forego the first 3.5 quarters watch the last and kauch it all? you could -- catch it all? you could forego everything! it was alex smith's turn today. >> it suck s. i don't know what else to say. i knew based off the last couple weeks the way things have gone. didn't know what was going to happen, but i knew that was a possibility. it's such a great team, great group of guys.
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tough to swallow. you state your case with your play. i felt like i've done that. i felt like the only thing i've done to lose my job was to get a concussion. >> you can only do that fake once, yeah, i'm very happy for collin. one week, maybe. two weeks? no . raiders will not be on local television sunday versus cleveland. not enough tickets. rolando mcclaine. who knows where he'll be sunday? he was going to be relaced by the raiders. -- released by the raiders. upon now the word is he was just told to stay away from practice. he put up on his facebook that he had been cut, but then he took it down. he's still on the roster. he's going to get at the very least suspended for a week or two.
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ever being beat up by the 49ers sunday, the saints, a quick turnaround. >> this is our division! we can do it ! we know it, and they know it! >> all that stuff is fine if you win. but brees doing a little hunter pence to his own here, but his streak tonight, just off the hands of lance moore. trying to keep his streak of 54 consecutive games alive. doesn't happen. and the saints lose . san antonio , three best players, duncan parker and ginobili did not suit up against miami. popovich, the league is threatening a heavy, heavy dose of discipline. ray allen nailed the 3. and all the backup
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players hung in there till the finish, and miami had to ride it out. 105-100 against. you don't sit down all your players. i know it's a long season, but on national tv? and the earthquakes, wondo is the mvp. nice to see another one of my predictions come through. [ laughter ]
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